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Chamomile-infused Facial Oil: Solstice Face Potion
  • Chamomile-infused Facial Oil: Solstice Face Potion

    SKU: INT260220SLT

    Nourish, protect and heal your skin with our Award-winning and Best-selling Chamomile-infused Facial oil.Solstice face potion is an anti-inflammatory facial oil packed with Vitamin E to provide extra nourishment for your skin while balancing your sebum production, reducing scars & acne. Infused with chamomile and made with non-clogging oils for a natural glowing complexion.


    Standard 15mL glass bottle.

    Upsize 30mL glass bottle (Usual price $132)

    All skin types and skin concerns:

    • Dry skin with rough patches
    • Oily surface with dehydrated skin.
    • Aging skin with wrinkles and fine lines.
    • Acne-prone skin with blemishes and pigmentations.
    • Mild, seasonal eczema (please check with your doctor for allergies before using anything on your sensitive skin to avoid aggravating the condition) 
    $66.00 Regular Price
    $58.00Sale Price
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